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She stalked Trevor like a mouse, he was not. What was her plan? This woman has always struck me as no fantasy, she has great depth. Was she based on reality? What was her plan in regards to Trevor and did that course she embarked upon enlighten her inner self or darken her soul?

-- Kitty (, November 28, 2001


I think Aeon seems miscast in her own life. Trevor is her only peer, and he is of the ruling class. In Cleopatra, (Burton and Taylor epic) there is a scene with Cleopatra laid out in death. Caeser and a Roman soldier stare in horror as the queens servant, (also dying) is questioned by him. "Was this well done of your lady?" and the servant answers "Extremely well. As befitting the last of so many noble rulers". To me Aeon is innately noble with the soul of a Cleopatra. But Cleopatra could've remained Queen of Egypt if she had cooperated with Rome instead of lusting after its power. However she'd have to allow Rome to be supreme and Egypt a pale copy. Aeon was no pale copy, like Cleopatra. It was wrong to cheapen society with copies of human beings. That would indicate her plan to overthrow Trevor was noble and enlightened. But her self denial of her love for him seemed to darken her soul to me, as evidenced by her 'falling apart'. You could say, like in Forbidden Planet, she met her 'id' monster. It's funny they just cloned human cells the other day isn't it?

-- Barb e (, November 29, 2001.

Hey Kitty,

Aeon has always been a mystery which I think really adds to her character. You never really do get to find out what her true intentions are with Trevor...nevertheless, a lot about Aeon's feelings about Trevor are revealed in "A Last time for Everything". I think that episode tells a lot about their relationship...and how their strong attraction for one another conflicts with their personal goals and duties. Aeon is a Monican spy while Trevor is the relentless dictator or Bregnia, always searching to create the ideal society. I think, in answer to your last question, Aeon is both enlightened and darkened from her association with Trevor. That's just my opinion.

What's yours?

-- Ron (, November 28, 2001.

I think that the problem was Aeon felt everyone should be free, but Trevor felt that the less intelligent or weaker people should be controlled by the smarter or more powerful. He actually seemed to believe this was for the good of everyone, whereas Aeon seems to think that everyone should be free. She complete disagrees with his ideals and politics, and yet she is physically attracted to him, and emotionally they connect strongly on some levels. She has a hard time reconciling her love/hate relationship. So does he.

-- aion (, September 06, 2002.

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