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I just purchased used Linhof Super Technika V 4x5 inch and I don't know, how old the camera is. Serial number on the top is 73423. Is there anybody, who knows, how old is my Technika?


Premysl Podesva

-- Premysl Podesva (, November 28, 2001



-- Bob Salomon (, November 29, 2001.

Mr. BOB, how about a linhof 5X7 # 25494 ? Thanx in advance.

-- DAVO (, November 29, 2001.

When you say "on the top" do you mean on the accessory shoe? If so, check the number on the camera instead. The shoes tend to get lost and people replace them, in which case the number on the shoe will most likely be different than the number on the camera.

-- Brian Ellis (, November 30, 2001.

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