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Hello! I am the moderator, and I am providing an introductory answer to the question.

-- Aaron Kedar Mathias Thomas (, November 28, 2001


Modig Exil is a public email group established to support discussions and contacts following the OOTAL Stockholm International Poetry Festival 2001 and the Swedish PEN Seminars associated with the Festival.

Poetry in exile was the central theme of both the festival and the seminars. The email group name "Modig Exil" means "Courageous Exile" in Swedish and is chosen in inspiration of the works of the poets and participants in the Festival and the seminars, and in thanks to the person who coordinated the seminars and made so many feel welcome, the writer Maria Modig. No less does Madeleine Grive, the Artistic Director and Producer of the Festival, have our profound gratitude.

This email group is of course open to all who wish to join. Welcome!

-- Aaron KMT (, November 28, 2001.

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