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I'm experimenting with creating an impressionist style portrait technique using liberal grain, slightly soft focus, and not so saturated color. I've used the new prograin filter in 35mm and like it. It's filter material that fits right in front of the film. I expect I could put some kind of material inside the bellows of my 4x5, right in front of the film plane, and achieve a similar effect. Any ideas of what kind of material might do it?

-- John Sarsgard (, November 28, 2001


that type of effect is easily accomplished using digital processes. i wouldnt recommend trying to put anything infront of the film - i would shoot the film normally, and work on the effect during post processing.

-- jnorman (, November 28, 2001.

anything you put directly in front of your lens will be out of focus no matter how far you stop down your lens. So, what you will create instead of "grain" will be an out-of-focus effect that will just soften the image.

the only pre-processing way to enhance grain is to radically underexpose and push process your film. using a very high ASA rated film (1600) will also give you a substantial grain effect.

then, in photoshop there are lots of ways to create or enhance grain, including some great "noise" filters that add grain however you want it.

-- chris jordan (, November 28, 2001.

john: instead of putting something infront of your lens or film plane when you are taking the picture, you might try experimenting with your printing. you could probably take a piece of tri-x film and push process it at 1600 so all the grain appears on the film. take this grainy film and print it either infront of or behind your negative. you might have the effect you are looking for. good luck. - - - john

-- john nanian (, November 29, 2001.

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