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I would have added this to a previous thread I'd started, but it doesn't seem that I can at this point. Any thoughts on this?

Russia and OPEC

-- Anita (, November 28, 2001


Shameless bump in hopes of generating some discussion.

-- Anita (, November 29, 2001.

The article makes some interesting speculations, but in the end they are just speculations.

The rational thing for any country to do is to maximize the benefits it gets from its oil wealth. It is clear that the Russians are rational, so I presume they are trying to get the greatest value out of their oil. What isn't nearly as clear is what they think they are getting in return for undercutting oil prices. No doubt, the strategy they are pursuing -whatever it is - is a state secret.

It isn't unthinkable that Bush and Putin have signed secret protocols regarding oil - but only evidence could establish this as a fact. Without evidence, all you have is another conspiracy theory.

-- Little Nipper (, November 29, 2001.

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