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I am being pestered for a completed I & E form from the debt collection agency. I have indicated I am willing to settle this matter but can anyone tell me whether they can force me to fill it out? Also, at what point is it acceptable to make an offer of settlement? I have told them in every piece of correspondence that I do not acknowledge the debt but that I will consider settling the matter. This site has been amazing over the last 6 months. Thanks to everyone involved.

-- (dav64@yahoo.com), November 28, 2001


I would tell them to stick it. If you feel you would like to make an offer then its up to you as to what you feel is right. Knowing how much you bring in, pay out, how much money in the bank, what assets you have, how you live your life will only give them more ammunition. I suspect they are telling you that they "Can't say how much they will accept untill they see what your situation is like" they are not your friends and will do you no favours. I would suggest to them that the only I & E you will fill in will be st the courts discretion. Put everything in writing and under no circumstances talk to them on the phone. At least then people can see you have acted in good faith and its the parasites who have been difficult ( or am I just bitter and twisted hmmmmm).

Good luck


-- JonS (jks_uk2001@yahoo.co.uk), November 28, 2001.

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