I thought I might post here

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Post what I have no idea, other than to add my name to the first page.

-- Uncle Deedah (unkeeD@yahoo.com), November 28, 2001


I wanted to thank you for all your hard work in maintaining the other forum. You did a GREAT job with little rewards. You are a good man!

Since you didn't know what to post, let me say a few things. Life's too short to worry about the small stuff. I spent last night talking to family back East about my brother's young daughter's passing. It was a true tragedy for all of us. At the young age of 25, she lived a very hard life not in missing out on materials things (my brother is very well-to-do) but missing out on a purpose. She suffered a nervous breakdown at 19. To me she seemed like such a lost soul and I hoped that she'd find her way somehow. Well, she began to get it together just a month before her death. We all questioned why.

Sorry Unk, did I drift this in the wrong direction?

-- Maria (anon@ymous.com), November 28, 2001.

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-- (off@off.off), November 28, 2001.

-- (fix@fix.fix), November 28, 2001.

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