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If anyone out there is near the Detroit area and using 5x7, I have a 5x7 Salzman enlarger that is a good restoration project or good for parts. It is free to a good home and no, it`s not in the basement!

-- Steve Clark (, November 27, 2001


I never thought I'd say this, but I wish I lived in Detroit! :)

-- Chad Jarvis (, November 28, 2001.


I will come to the rescue!!

I will be back in Toronto in Jan and will even drive to Detroit if it is not gone by then. Even if I don't get it I am most appreciative of your generosity. Thanks

-- RICHARD ILOMAKI (, November 28, 2001.


I just noticed your E Mail address. How come Silver Nitrate? Do you make your own emulsions? I would suspect that from anyone with a Salzman enlarger.:<)!!!

-- RICHARD ILOMAKI (, November 28, 2001.


This is a very generous offer and one I would like to take advantage of. Please email me at and I will be happy to help you create space. Thanks from Southfield.

Bob Zeichner

-- Robert A. Zeichner (, November 28, 2001.

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