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I'm keen to try my 'new' secondhand Polaroid 10x8" processor. It appears to be a very old model (I think 81-04 with an 81-05 film holder). I managed to speak with someone at Polaroid who talked me through loading the film holder, and he was going to find a manual for using the processor, but I thought I'd ask here for a 'quick' response.

As I understand it, the film holder is loaded with the paper-enveloped negative, so that the orange tab at the top of the holder is located inside the paper flap at the top of the envelope. When I close the film holder, there is a portion of the envelope that protrudes from the bottom that has three arrows printed on it. As I understand it, I pull on this, and that removes the envelope, and 'primes' the negative inside the holder. I imagine I then take the picture as a normal 10x8 shot.

However, my processor doesn't have a loading tray. I'd like to know how to load the positive and negatives. I found some instructions, but it's for a newer model. It seems to suggest that the positive is inserted pod-first and uppermost, then the film holder is inserted on top of that. What way up should the film holder be inserted (ie, is the negative (emulsion) that normally faces the lens upside down?). I assume the small paper tag is inserted first so that the rollers will pull the negative from the holder.

Apologies for the length of this message. I don't want to damage the processor by trying to squeeze the wrong items through the mangle! Not to mention a reluctance to waste even more expensive film than I probably will.

David Nash

-- David Nash (, November 27, 2001


Oh God! I went through the same hellish experience and my advice is to get rid of the Film holder which you currently have it is a very problematic bit of equipment and Polaroid changed it rather quickly and went on producing a different film holder which makes use of the tray. There are two types of holders, one opens like a Book (you want that one....) and another opens with a hinged bottom. The problem is that you have to shoot the negative, then you have to push the positive inside the same holder and then put it into the machine wich is the same for all types film holders. I was very fortunate to find Pete Caluori on this site who went to the trouble and expense to send me photocopies . Later on I bought myself a newer film holder and I love it. If you want I can go in details but from past experience you need to see the illustrations.

-- andrea milano (, November 27, 2001.


As the saying goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words," so it is true with the older Polaroid 8x10 processor. I was fortunate to get a copy of the manual from Polaroid. If you need help, contact me off the list and I'll try. Don't ask for a verbal description, it would take volumes.

Regards, Pete

-- Pete Caluori (, November 27, 2001.

You see......a gentleman like Pete comes to the rescue anytime it is needed, I didn't offer the same help just because I wasn't sure that I kept the instruction for your type of film holder. I will check though.

-- andrea milano (, November 27, 2001.

Hi Dave, First you NEED the loading tray for the processor, once u have that, the sheet is inserted pod first, then the film holder emulsion side down on top of the sheet. Take care when inserting the film holder so the tab slides in the slot on the loading tray and does not jam. Then push the white button and hols down until the film assembly has been run thru the rollers completely. I use this system daily, Helpful tip here, remove the stainless steel rollers and clean with warm water and ivory soap, dry thoroughy before use, this will remove any developer and foreign matter on the rollers

Good luck, Bill

-- Bill Jefferson (, November 28, 2001.

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