80xl on Wisner Tech field?

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Has anyone used the Schneider 80 XL on a Wisner Tech 4X5? I'm assuming the front standard axis/base tilt will be necessary? What about other lenses wider than a 90? What movements are necessary to eliminate the camera rails from the image - if any. Does Wisner make a recessed lense board?

thanks for the help


-- mitchell wiencken (bluntnerfball@yahoo.com), November 27, 2001


Mitch, If your Tech is like my Expedition, you will need to tilt the front standard back and then re-align the lens board back to parallel with the rear standard. I use a 75mm SA on mine in this manner. I used to use a Linhof recessed board with Wisner's Linhof-to-Wisner adapter (Wisner does not make recessed boards), but it doesn't really make it any easier than just doing the front-standard-tilted-back routine.

-- Todd Caudle (todd@skylinepress.com), November 27, 2001.

Forgive me for butting in, but I don't understand this question/ problem. Are you guys saying that if you don't tilt the lens & film boards back the rail shows in an 80mm lens? Is this unusual? Obviously I do not have much experience with different view cameras. I have been using a 47mm lens and non-recessed board on a 6x9 Arca (which would be even wider than an 80 on a 4x5) and I don't have any problem with the rail showing.

-- Sandy Sorlien (sand44@mindspring.com), November 27, 2001.

You're using a monorail, hence no problem. The issue with Wisner cameras (except the Pocket variety) and some other field cameras is that the standards cannot be brought sufficiently close together to focus WA lenses at infinity without tilting the rear standard back (using base tilt) and then straightening it so as to parallel the rear standard(using axial tilt). To keep the rails out of view, a separate issue, dropping the rail by up to 30 degrees with respect to the rear standard is done on some cameras such as the Linhof Tech. If you cannot visualize what I am talking about, just be thankful you have a monorail! One of the problems with the Standard and Tech Field Wisner cameras is that they are not esp WA friendly, though this is a problem common to most field cameras when compared to monorails.


-- nathan congdon (ncongdon@jhmi.edu), November 27, 2001.

i have one super symmar 4.5 80 xl, it s a great lens, i bought it one month ago, and i want to sell it. 1200 euros or 1055 $ include shipping for europe. maybe you want to buy it ?? (i'm in france)

-- metairie christophe france (oxonet2000@mangoosta.fr), January 23, 2002.

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