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Greetings, I'm considering the purchase of the 72XL. For those who have & use this lens, could you please advise me as to whether you use the Schneider center filter designed for this lens? Does it allow for adding on a larger filter (105mm?110mm?)for B&W photography? Or, can I use another brand (B+W, for example), with a step-up ring/slim filters? Your suggestions are appreciated. Thanks, BILL

-- Wm. Mitchell (, November 27, 2001



The 72mm XL is a truly magnificent lens right to the edges of its vast image area. An enormous amount of shift is possible even of 4x5 and it is when the shift is applied that the CF is mandatory.

The Schneider CF has a 2-stop factor and allows use of larger filters on front.

I know there is one of these filters available in as new condition at European Camera Specialists in Sydney, Australia - try ringing them 0n +612 9819 6000 of fax 02 9819 6400.

Please note that I am only relating details I consider relevant to the initial posting. I am in no way connected with European Camera Specialists other than as a customer.

Cheers ... WG

-- Walter Glover (, November 27, 2001.


I can second Walter's praise for the 72XL; it is a wonderful lens. Use of the CF depends on your use. If you plan on shooting chromes and using lots of movement, then you best plan on getting a CF. If you don't plan on using much movement, then you can do without the CF. Yes, the front of the CF is threaded to accept 105 mm filters. Using a step-up ring is not recommended and would probably result in vignetting.


-- Pete Caluori (, November 27, 2001.


From what I recall, you shoot 5x7, correct? If this is the case then you most likely need to use the CF because most of the image circle will be used just to cover the format. 5x7 needs about 210mm minimum and the 72XL has a 226mm image circle; you would only get about 8-10mm of movement therefore you are seeing just about all of it's available image circle, quite wide I would add for 5x7 (tits, huh?).

-- Jeffrey Scott (, November 27, 2001.

You are right...definitely use a center filter with the 72mmXL on 5x7. I use my lens on 4x5 and 5x7 but don't shoot much chrome. The fall-off is noticeable none-the-less. Awesome lens which has nearly totally supplanted my 90XL and 65mm.

-- Rob Tucher (, November 28, 2001.

I've used the lens on 4x5 for over 4 years with b&w and haven't needed the CF.

I've been experimenting with it on 8x10 format (Deardorff–it'll focus, barely, at infinity with no movements) to create a 4x10, 120º panorama—very interesting!

An added benefit is the impossibility of flare from the bellows or camera inards, since no "extra" light is striking anything but the film. There's an obvious fall off at the edges (the image circle at ƒ/45 cuts off about an inch from each corner diagonally) but careful composition has resulted in some rewarding images.

As a result, I've purchased a reducing back to use 5x7 for the Deardorff and have added the 72XL, 120 HM and Fujinon 90 SW as my "superwide" arsenal.

-- David Haynes (, November 29, 2001.

I use the 72 XL with my Linhof 617SIII with Schneider CF. With slide film You definitely need the CF. As a lucky guy I found 3 like-new but very cheap ($ 25 each) Nikon 122mm filters and use them with a step-up ring in addition to the CF. It works fine. Another possibilty might be the COKIN X-Pro Filters with the dedicated all purpose holder.

Best regards

-- J. Hildebrand (, December 06, 2001.

Has anyone done a side-by-side test with the Grandagon 75/4.5?

-- george (, January 22, 2002.

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