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Hi guys, I'm going to get one 6 x 12 roll film back for 45, films shot with my horseman 612 seems a bit unflat. Which one will you vote for if I shoot mostly 612? Thanks.

-- NG Sai-kit (, November 26, 2001


I use both the Linhof & the Sinar backs. The choice really comes down to working convenience.

Both are nothing short of magnificent in their fabrication and reliability and, of course, neither could be accused of being inexpensive!

The Linhof I use for personal black & white work which is only ever 6x12 when using roll film. The RFH is compact both on and off the camera and the image size is a tad larger. However, there are two disadvantages:

1 For loading you have to handle 3 items; base, insert and cover. This can prove awkward in some situations.

2. In use the ground-glass back must be removed and stored safely while exposing.

The Sinar Zoom 2 is my commercial RFH for colour work of architecture. It is irregularly shaped and quite large but this is a small concession to make for the ability to vary format on the one roll of film.

Once mastered, loading is not diffcult and can be done with the holder and insert held in one hand. For exposing, the RFH is slid into the camera like a double-dark. There is a bit of a learning curve for setting the various levers and knobs - I posted a response yesterday to a Zoom 2 question. I suggest looking back a few posts may prove beneficial.

Cheers ... WG

-- Walter Glover (, November 27, 2001.

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