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I am working on Christmas stockings for each person in our family. We are all still "young" at heart and all still like to receive and give stocking stuffers. Tooth paste, combs, and WD 40 for the guys are usual stocking gifts. Lotion, chap stick, and candy are ideas for the ladies. What stocking stuffer ideas do you have? What crafts are you working on for the holidays?

-- Janet in Kansas (, November 26, 2001


Small jewelry, pocket calendars, key-chains, small make-up items, soaps, bubble bath, small tools- like screw-drivers, I just go to the Dollar Tree store and they have an amazing variety of items.

-- Melissa (, November 26, 2001.

Stocking stuffers: funky toothbrushes, flavored floss, barrettes, razor blades, small stickey's, pens, pencils, stapes,small scissors, thread, needles, shampoo and conditioner, breath mints and gum.

Will have to add my crafts later.

-- Ann Markson (, November 26, 2001.

I don't know about you, but it seems like everything in our house takes batteries! I know that's what my boys (hubby included) get in their stockings frequently!

-- Christine in OK (, November 26, 2001.

Oh, and every year someone gets one of those tiny eyeglass fixers with magnifying glass, screws and tiny screwdriver--We lose them every year.

also: tire gauges and film.

-- Ann Markson (, November 26, 2001.

I think every stocking should have an apple, orange, gingerbread cookie and a pair of snuggly warm very soft socks{8~]

-- Cindy (S.E.IN) (, November 26, 2001.

And I hate to say this after Cindy's lovely sentiment, but we also add one lottery ticket.

-- Ann Markson (, November 26, 2001.

Beef jerkey, individual packages of flavored coffees and gourmet hot chocolates (can make your own), different kinds of nuts, pens, pencils. One of our sons liked to get all kinds of tape and string. Our youngest now likes things like little memo pads, stickers, colored index cards, gel pens. I use to occasionlly buy Avon and would save the samples to put in my Mom's stocking.

I plan on making hot pads filled with whole cloves, jello popcorn balls, potpouri bags for clothing drawers. I have an idea for each of our three sons but don't want to post until after Christmas because this might be read by one of them.

-- Terry - NW Ohio (, November 26, 2001.

Terry - what are jello popcorn balls? I have a horrible picture in my head of jiggly jello with popcorn inside.... I know that can't be right! HELP ME! :-)

-- Cheryl in KS (, November 26, 2001.


I have to get the exact recipe from my Mom because I haven't made them in years and have lost it but the jello is used for the flavoring and color (I'm making mine green and red for Christmas) and does not set up. You had me laughing at your mental picture though, I guess "jello popcorn balls" does sound a bit bizarre.

-- Terry - NW Ohio (, November 26, 2001.

Terry - LOL! I figured it had to be something along those lines! When you do get the recipe, would you mind sharing it? I would love to give 'em a try.

-- Cheryl in KS (, November 26, 2001.

For years now all of our children have told everyone that Dads' ideas for stockings are the best! We all look forward to opening up the stockings because you just never know WHAT he has put in them...even I get mine every year! He goes to the market and gets things such as Vienna Sausage cans, bars of soap, toothpaste, shampoo samples, mousetraps, dental floss, and anything else which comes in tiny sample packages..then he goes to the dollar store (the REAL one where stuff is a dollar)..toy soldiers, plastic whales, funny sunglasses, etc....last year the boys laughed until they dropped because Dad had found these ridiculous bean bag type wrestling creatures..when you tossed them onto the floor they said "OOMPH"..the stockings are all hand made and now nearly 30 years old..three feet long! Dad stuffs them with these wrapped things and then fills the remainder with all kinds of candy and tangerines. To see 5 grown kids unwrapping toothpaste and floss, etc. is hysterically funny.

-- lesley (, November 26, 2001.


Sure, I'll post the recipe as soon as I get it. I plan on calling my Mom before the week is over and will get it then. They are delicious.

-- Terry - NW Ohio (, November 26, 2001.

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