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i bet its snoops, yeah the show in Stockton is gonna rock, and to all the kids in Fallon NV, get ready!!! we cant wait to rock for you, and eat at your sonic burger!!!

-- karate ronnie (, November 26, 2001


speaking of Willknots....

everybuddy should go to their cd release show!!

December 14 ~The Boardwalk~ Willknots The Brodys Shop 11 Phoenix U.V.R. ALL AGES, $7 or special price if u buy the cd at the door!! cds will be available for only $5!!!

sign up for Willknots street team! send a blank email to

-- Punk Princess LaUrA (, November 26, 2001.

46 days and still stalking.

lillie, give it up. curious minds want to know. on a seperate note, did anyone watch 7th heaven tonight?

-- eldangeroso (, November 27, 2001.

i did

yea why? i know ronnie likes the show haha and i think wyatt? i duno i forget i jus remember ronnie sayin he liked the show...hey there is a great a song about jessica biel by one of my fav bands face-off...check them out on "we went back to my place and we watched the wonder years after watchin two hours of nick at nite u fell asleep so i turned off the light i cuddled up with u we woke up at dawn..." its about brent's dream he had about her. very cute song. i wish my family was as nice as the 7th heaven family!! my step bro kicked the crap outta me last nite =*( ok byebye

-- Punk Princess LaUrA (, November 28, 2001.

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