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I bought a Sinar zoom 2 film holder (without manual ) and i dont know how it work´s exactly. I have problems to put the film in.

-- Andreas Achmann (, November 26, 2001


Send me your fax number with international prefix and I will fax you a copy, or mail it to you if you prefer.

-- Paul Schilliger (, November 26, 2001.


I shall leave it to Paul to send you the user's guide for the Zoom 2 back. However, I would stress two vey important points:

1. ALWAYS store the Zoom 2 with the format set to 645 - even if there is likely to be a considerable delay between shots. This serves to protect the sliding aperture masks from distorting in shape due to being curved around rollers.

2. ALWAYS close the darkslide before winding a completed roll of film out of the holder. The sticky label can become caught on and around the aperture masks and cause costly damage.

The one mistake you are bound to make (probably more than once) is to neglect switching the small lever from 'LOAD' to 'SHOOT' - you'll soon realise you did it because the film will just keep advancing. The gauge that indicates the remaining film is driven by the actual advance of the film itself and so the reading will be accurate. Just switch the lever as soon as you realise and advance until the stop - then proceed as normal.

Frequently check that the knurled knob used for lifting the drive spindle is tight. If you damage that spindle it is also a very expensive part to replace.

The 'frame counter' takes some getting used to but the gauge is accurate. Divide the remaining cms by the length of the format intended and you'll quickly determine the number of shots left.

I wish you success ... WG

-- Walter Glover (, November 26, 2001.

Andreas, I scanned my leaflet (28 pages) and sent it to your email address above. The mail came back with message "User unknown". Is there an error in the spelling?

-- Paul Schilliger (, November 27, 2001.

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