Training Comments 25-11-01 : LUSENET : RNZAF CFS2 : One Thread

S! Chaps well now that me and my computer have most of our differences sorted I should be online a bit more, I upgraded to Win XP has been worth it (so far) sorted my RW problem out my comms are better in that I can now fly and hear what's going on.

Enjoyed the training on Sun thanks for all the tips Zinger, formation flying was a lot of fun and I will be downloading and checking out the Choppers maybe we should check out a Cat as well RNZAF operated these through the war could be fun getting some water wings?

Looking forward to Sun and the Hog runs

Cheers Red Dog

PS - When flying behind Red Dog in line astern formation, always fly a little to the right as Red Dog always throws his empties out to the left ;)

-- RNZAF_Red_Dog (, November 25, 2001


~S!~ Red_Dog, I'll keep that in mind since I always wash and wax my plane before every session,lol. ~S!~ mate, RNZAF_cripsy

-- Archer Onouye (, November 25, 2001.

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