"Mem'ries, like the colors of my mind..." Kill me now, please - I've started singing Streisand!!

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I got an e-mail from someone a couple weeks or so ago, taking me to task for something I'd said elsewhere; and in the midst of the chewing out, she said she had done a google search on me so she knew I wasn't a bad person, really.... yada, yada. It got me curious, so I went over to google and did a search on my e-mail addy - wooo-hoo!! 31 pages of topics - ain't I the mouthy one!? Anybody else done this to themselves? It sure was interesting....and a little sad, even though I was smiling reading through a lot of the old posts. Saw a lot of familiar names - and most of them are still right here. Saw some that I really miss too, like greenbeanman and Brad from ME (tho I still get an occasional e-mail from him). Anybody else got anyone they especially miss? Boy, we talked about anything and everything back then, didn't we? Ah, the good old days...sniff, sniff...quick, someone - say something before I start yodeling Barbra again!!

-- Anonymous, November 25, 2001


Did you try singing the Lambchops song? You seemed to have recommended it before.

I'm not sure I would want to read some of those old posts!! LOL. It was pretty wonderful back in those days, wasn't it! As for Brad, the last email I got from him, I wasn't sure if he was kidding or not and he was kind of yelling at me for being an ignoramus! That's been a year or so. Hope he's doing well. Isn't greenbeanman posting under nospam? Or something like that...

-- Anonymous, November 25, 2001

I like Babs!!!!! Who the heck would bother doing one of these checks for gosh sakes on someone becaus ethey are annoyed with them. Was it a certain person that starts with M? My curiosity is piqued. I like you Polls and I have never done a search to know that you are at heart a good person. A bit wacky.... but that what I like about ya!! Now I feel paranoid that someone will search on me or something...

-- Anonymous, November 25, 2001

Polly...Try humming to the Village People. That should definitely get Babs out of your head!!

Okay: all together now..."Y.M.C.A".....!!

-- Anonymous, November 25, 2001

I miss Gerbil! I don't know why she disappeared. Her posts were great though.

greenbeanman changed his moniker to notforprint, but I haven't seen anything from him in quite awhile. Maybe he's using something different now. I remember he was going to try to get into one of those pioneering TV programs, and I've always wondered if he made it in.

I miss Sharon too! If you're lurking, Sharon, it's about time to decloak again! I'm sure there are others that'll I'll think of after awhile . . . .

-- Anonymous, November 25, 2001

I "saw" Sharon on CS not too long ago. Cindy too.

-- Anonymous, November 25, 2001

Y M C A...It's fun to stay at the Y M C A!!! I think I probably sing the village people almost as bad as I do Babs and Lambchop. I love to sing, but I've found that it's best not to do it around dogs or other humans as it seems to irritate them for some reason or the other...

Yeah Alison, it was Melissa; and no, I hadn't googled anyone I was annoyed with. It was nice to go back and read the old posts, though. Laughed at some and cried at others!

Didn't Gerbil go to the Christian board that Lesley started? I saw Cindy on CS; wish she'd come back. I hadn't seen any new posts by Sharon, tho I did see some old ones come up. I haven't talked to her for a couple of weeks, I need to give her a call.

I went to old posts and then under forum related and then to list of BTS memebers and printed it off just in case. Joy also e-mailed me everyones addy's so that we can round 'em up if we need to moooove 'em out. There are quite a few folks that we've not heard from in a while, but that I occasionally see on other boards - I guess maybe either they are bored with us, or don't have anything to say!!

-- Anonymous, November 25, 2001

Someone should come up with a," Classic Threads of C.S." Jumpoff VS Little Bit, John VS Doreen are a couple that come to mind. Say John. That old prayer group ever do you any good? Ha! Who was the guy that thought the FBI was after him? He was fun!! Oh and yes precious Gerbil......Kirk

-- Anonymous, November 26, 2001

I have been e-mailing back and forth with Cindy occasionally. I told her I thought she would like it now, back to chummy and we all were getting along. I hope she lurks and sees we aren't all fighting anymore. I have never done one of those searches, don't think I would want to. When I get mouthy it embarrasses me and I don't think I would like to relive it. Wish I could go back and actually delete from existence some of the arguments I have participated it. Pointless really............like who really cares what I think anyway??

-- Anonymous, November 26, 2001

Diane: Of course I always care what you think because I almost always agree! But hey what makes you wonderful is when you have a disagreement you never hold a grudge and you try to make it right when things calm down! I love that so go ahead and and say whatever you want with me cause I know you can be trusted!!!!...Love Kirk

-- Anonymous, November 26, 2001

I don't think Gerbil went to the Christian board, but I could be wrong . . .

Cindy decided to leave, and as far as I'm concerned, she can come back if that's what she decides.

-- Anonymous, November 26, 2001

Pleeeeese no "Achey Breakey Heart" I worked sixteen 14 hour O.T. shifts with a newleywed coworker shafted out of his honeymoon.He sang that song for over two weeks. Talk about incentive to get a crew kickin' out some numbers. We even pooled some of our extra pay to give him three more days of spoonin' time , which our boss let him take off with no argument. :>)

-- Anonymous, November 27, 2001

Hey Kirk! Yup, their prayers musta been answered because I'n still seeing things in a way that makes sense to me!

And Polly, it seems you're rather demure and shy compared to me with something like 89 pages of search results. Sheeesh, I gotta get a life!

-- Anonymous, November 28, 2001

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