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Is there a good way to calibrate a 6 x 7 roll film back on a 4 x 5 viewcamera GG. I made a matrix on the laser printer imitating my GG grid and added a 6 x 7 framelines and did a few tests, but I still don't feel to sure that it is right.

I suppose time and trial and error are the only way?

Oh, and I wonder if anyone knows if those nice Linfof people make 6 x 7 masks for the Super Tech GG, you know like those little Hasselbald plastic ones with the cut-off area half tone screened.

Thanks to all


-- adrian tyler (, November 25, 2001


I would take the bellows off the camera, attach the RFB, make a template that fits the 4x5 opening, and cut out the 6x7 opening. Mark top, botom left, right ,etc... Assuming the 4x5 film exposure area is equal size of your gg, (it should be) then you should be set. Trace this onto a piece of black poster board.

-- Bill Glickman (, November 25, 2001.


Linhof do supply a GG overlay marked for popular roll-film formats. It is a flat piece of plastic printed with black lines. The image must be viewed through the plastic and this can prove problematic. Sinar make some GG masks also which are yellow with cut-out apertures which make viewing/focussing easier. Neither supply is 'cheap' for a 4x5 piece of plastic.


-- Walter Glover (, November 25, 2001.


I use a set of masks that are available from Horseman. They are transparent, tinted yellow, and the set includes a 6x7cm, 6x9cm and a 6x12cm mask. They are held in place by the focusing hood or can be taped at the edges.

I bought mine from B&H.

Joe Dicker

-- Joseph A. Dickerson (, November 25, 2001.

I made my own mask by taking measurements off of the 6x9 holder, and then cutting the mask out of plastic. I used plastic that purchased from a hobby store. They have lines going along the length of the plastic so that cuts can be made easily made with an exacto knife.

My GG has the four corners removed. So, I left tabs on the mask that I insert into the holes at each corner to keep the mask attached to the GG.

-- neil poulsen (, November 26, 2001.

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