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Im having problems with trying to create the VCD file on Adobe Premiere 6.0 with the LSX-MPEG Encoder. I set it for Video CD but then in the video section the size of the 4:3 ratio and the different PAL and stuff like that (sorry very new at this) none of them appear at the two sizes available for VCD so I turn off the 4:3 ratio

The audio is correct, I need to know why it tells me then that I don't have the right settings to encode it.

-- Trenton Christensen (, November 25, 2001


You don't need to check the 4:3 ratio setting but there are a few other setting that are needed. A great reference to keep handy in cases like this is You'll need to set the frame size to 352 h and 240 v and keep the frame rate at 29.97 and the pixel aspect ratio at D1/DV NTSC (0.9). Then, in the Audio settings set it to 44100 Hz and Best for Enhanced Rate Conversion. This will re-sample all audio and make it sound very good and be compliant with VCD. Under Special Processing, leave De-Onterlace off. Let us know if this works--

-- Dale (, December 01, 2001.


-- AKOS HORVATH (, March 12, 2002.

Can you please tell me

a) if the LSX encoder is as good as they say (i.e. the best out there)


b) where did you get it from? I've been looking for something better than TPMGEnc (and less prone to glitches) to back-up my Laserdiscs. I can't pay for the plug-in, it's official price is ridiculous.


-- Anita Peterson (, March 18, 2002.

You can usually find the LSX encoder suite 2 (which include the Adobel Premier Plug-In version 1.2) with serial number on Kazaa. However don't use Kazaa (it is full of adware/spyware). Download kazaalite at

-- correz pond (, April 22, 2002.

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