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Anything happening?

-- Jim Green (, November 24, 2001


Yes lots is happening. The news letters update the reasons for an apparent log jam on my creative front but I have been very very busy getting both Ship and Planet ready for releases. I have also been inundated by workload for the last few years on the Camelford and North Cornwall Water Poisoning issue which has occupied my protests for 13 years. We now have rung out of the government a toothless government subcommittee which cannot call witnesses and cannot investigate the mishandling of the whole affair. There are many things covered up in this issue which is bigger than I can say here, so I have been busy getting the facts sorted and busy getting a website degned by a charity forf which I have now become a trustee called 'ENVIRONMENTAL ASSISTANCE' whos brief is to assist people get fair treatment and jusice for their environmentally related issues. This is all a natural extension of the words I have written in my songs all my life and a natural extension of where I started my adult thinking which was of course when I worked for the wildlife conservationist GERALD DURRELL. I apologise if my activities slow down my creative flow, but I have to say we live life first then write about it with better insight later. This year will see the release of 2 albums and I will be on the raod in the Autumn. The barn I have been building for 5 years will hopefully be completed this year too....if the water 'enquiry' doesnt screw up my entire life. Anyone know about how to plumb Spring water into a barn? I need some help to finish the barn because other events keep taking me off the the water poisoning...and I cannot let that subject drop because you cant protest in songs and then not respond when it happens in real life., So backs to the wall and shoulders to the stone because history proves no boulder is imoveable if everyone helps to push. Nigel

-- Nigel Mazlyn Jones (, February 27, 2002.

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