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At the risk of diluting our outstanding archives with trivial posts, I just wanted to confirm, that after reading previous "John Sexton" post I doubted it was him too. I made a wisecrack entry on post as "Ansel Baby".

I felt a little frustrated that recently some people don't realize how vital it is that a community like ours have some measure of trust in one another. As it turns out, the 1st John Sexton poster was indeed not AA's former assistant. He could have been some John Sexton, but not AA' protege'.

However: I decided to do something more constructive. I visited the famed John Sexton's web site, used his official email off there, and penned him a private email asking him to pay the thread and site in a visit.

I hereby wish to confirm, based on the second "John Sexton" entry on that post, that the former Ansel Adams assistant and accomplished photographer in his own right, John Sexton, did indeed visit our site. Andre

-- Andre Noble (, November 24, 2001


I liked your and other ideas that came up! Well thought. Nothing wrong with a good sense of humor, but don't you think that in putting known photographers publicly on a pedestal, you contribute turning them away from a forum like this one, even if they had the time and were minded to participate? Everyone knows you cannot trust people who bow before you (well, there are none who bow before me to be honnest -and to my relief-, so I speak for others ;-), for that's kind of manipulating, and the next day they may as well speak evil. Like John said about himself, he is just taking pictures... like all of us. Not to minimize the quality of his work! So be yourself!

-- Paul Schilliger (, November 24, 2001.

Paul, The people who can handle "being put on a pedestal" become the John Sextons of the world :>) Andre

-- Andre Noble (, November 24, 2001.

Good luck, Andre, if that's what you want! But please remember us.

-- Paul Schilliger (, November 24, 2001.

I agree, you can't trust people who bow before you... just ask Bill Clinton.

-- Dan Smith (, November 24, 2001.

The greatest thing I aspire to: To be able to get control of my highlights during development.

-- Andre Noble (, November 24, 2001.


As in all comedies, controlling your highlights is all in the timing.

-- Ellis Vener Photography (, November 25, 2001.

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