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I want winter{well sorta},I need a break! Its been so warm here{maryland}that I really think winter has skipped us.The last few weeks its been over 60 a few times and dry very very dry,where is the snow? Ok I may kick my self for wanting winter but this is getting old.Anyone else wonder where winter went?

This year I am ready,hay put up,feed mixed and stored,shed built,water heaters ready,ice skates sharp,barn bedded down,windows caulked,wood stacked,coal bin full,winter coats found and washed,mittens matched,snow boots ready...but we are still wearing shorts!

-- Anonymous, November 24, 2001


We've had warmer than "usual" weather this year too. Raining last night and today, where usually that would be snow. I worry about global warming, but since I can't do anything about the immediate weather this year, I'm not too sad. I have to be outside a lot more this year, and I'm in no hurry for colder weather!

It was like this in 1998, and we didn't get any significant, staying snow until the first day of 1999. LAST December we had record snowfalls -- seemed like we were shoveling every day, sometimes twice a day. I can do without that! :-)

-- Anonymous, November 24, 2001

I am in NO RUSH for the white stuff. Last year on this date I believe Buffalo had 2feet dumped on them and I know that we were shoveling. It will come soon enough.

-- Anonymous, November 24, 2001

Here in Maine, I'm kinda anxious for winter, too. A good layer of snow covers up all the brown "drabness"! Our weather this fall has been so erratic (today it's almost 60* but tomorrow it might be 30*) and like you, Joy, I'm worried about global warming. We have had several really warm winters in a row here (the deer population is exploding!). Rainfall here is about 12" below normal. At least there is no mud!! But I can't wait or the ground to freeze solid then have a good foot or so of snowfall, then later another foot...and another!!! I love to shovel the snow we get here. It's very dry and fluffy!

-- Anonymous, November 24, 2001

Hi Renee!

Nice to hear from you again!

I have mixed feelings (although winter out here is barely discernible from fall...) I guess I would like colder, drier weather (not likely for a while) just so things could dry out! I just spent several hours shoveling all the wet bedding out of the ewe barn (finally a day when I have time and it's not raining.) We have had hellacious amounts of rain, even for here, lately. That bedding is HEAVY! And I nearly slid off the tractor seat (used the little John Deere for hauling.) Anyway, cold and dry would be a nice change, but I have all these wonderful vegetables still growing and my favas are up, so I guess I'd like it to be *warm* and dry! (My dad used to say, "Hope it stays like this until Christmas, and then warm up," usually on a warm fall day.)

So nice to have a day off! I guess I can wait a while longer for winter. And I'm rambling again...blah blah blah...

-- Anonymous, November 24, 2001

I kind of like the snow, it's the wind I can live without. Comes right out of the northwest with nothing to stop it. It's just like the prairie here. And as I'm writing this, there is a tornado watch and the wind is really getting going out there. I just read on another forum, I forget which, there were tornadoes in Alabama today. This is strange weather for November. I know I won't sleep tonight, I'll just lay there and listen to that wind.

-- Anonymous, November 24, 2001

OH you guys! I can wait! My fourteen year old keeps wishing for snow! I tell her that it will come, don't rush it! I myself am quite enjoying NOT BEing cold! I have a feeling that when it comes, it's gonna really come! And I can wait!

-- Anonymous, November 25, 2001

Tren...I think that when you do get some snow, have your daughter take a picture of you making snow angels. Then post it here in the album! I KNOW you'd have fun! Just keep telling yourself that it's much easier to warm up in cold weather than to cool off in hot weather :-)!! It's called "self-hypnosis"!

-- Anonymous, November 25, 2001

No no no don't rush it..if you all get it I'll get it and I don't have a roof on the barn yet!!

-- Anonymous, November 25, 2001

For those of you who complained about winter being late: THANKS A BUNCH!

It has arrived here, big time, and if I could hand it to you, I would.

-- Anonymous, November 26, 2001

I guess I maybe the only one who wants winter,I need a break! Winter is the time around here when dad is home more to help out and we do family stuff more.I love wakeing up and makeing a big breakfeast,feeding the animals then going inside and playing with the girls all day cause there is nothing else that needs to be done.

We need winter to finish the cycle of things too,imagin how stressed all the trees are now,wanting to grow because of the warmth but knowing better,how about the animals ? Our ponies are sweating because of their thick winter coats,not to mention the Great Pyr. she cant cool off at all.Sure I hate the cold wind and ice but its part of the whole picture.

-- Anonymous, November 27, 2001

Whachagot EM? I don't watch the tube or listen to radio and our small town paper doesn't say much about the national weather, so I don't know what's happening up your way. What I do know, is, that if you're getting it now; we'll probably be getting some version of it in a couple of days, so I want to be prepared!!

I like winter too, Renee; I just wish it wasn't coming so soon this year - or maybe I should wish I wasn't so far behind - I really don't think it's winters fault!!

-- Anonymous, November 27, 2001

Eight inches of snow....still flurrying...and blowin around to beat the band. Wow is it weird to look out at a new place lookin all different than its been lookin the last few months. Ok, fine, its daughter dragged me outside (literally) last night well away from the house, forced me to look at the lovely sight our log home framed by evergreens all covered with snow is.

I AM grateful not to have the animals to worry about this year. It was always heavy on my mind, wondering if the waterers were freezing up, if the babies were too cold, if one of em would slip and break a leg on the icy slope by the barn, the midnight trips in February to check on overdue ewes. Not to mention the constant re-shoveling of paths to the outbuildings, walking ever so gingerly down those long paths so as not to fall down and break my butt, trying to start the tractor cuz yet another person (mail carrier, feed delivery guy, etc) slid into our quarter-mile driveway ditch. Nice things to remember, good memories for the kids to carry with em, but so glad its over.

The big reason I don't like winter though is cuz driving is such a hassle, so stressful. My rear-wheel drive van is worthless in this weather. Even with all-wheel drive, my partner's half hour commute this morning took an hour and a half. Lotsa idiots in the ditch, goin too fast. It would be fine I spose if one never went anywhere, but that would make me nuts real fast. Been there, done that,its not me.

Maybe in my next life I will love winter. That would be nice.

-- Anonymous, November 27, 2001

Hey EM, guess you guys got hit pretty good up there in the Cities, eh? He he! Just be glad you weren't in Sioux Falls, South Dakota - I hear they got about 16 inches. :-0

We were on the edge of the rain/snow line down here so mostly we got rain/freezing rain. Thankfully it was mostly just rain so we didn't have to worry about downed power lines - and we don't have any snow to shovel, either.

Don't feel too bad about this new snow... it'll be gone in about 4 months! LOL! :-D

-- Anonymous, November 27, 2001

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