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Josiah Thompson is the Historian Guide for a five-day "History America Tour" of Dallas, scheduled for Oct. 30 - Nov. 3, 2002.

You'll get to meet Dave Perry (down-to-earth Dallas researcher), Hugh Aynesworth (Dallas reporter), Buell Wesley Frazier (co-worker who drove Oswald to work; and suspect in "The Assassination Tapes"), Jim Leavelle (cuffed to Oswald during shooting) and FBI-agent Bob Gemberling. The latter two are definitely anti-conspiracy; and Thompson and Perry don't suffer fools for long.

This would be a "dream tour" to all the major sites, including the motorcade route, with field guide Dave Perry. You'll meet key witnesses, plus some time at the Sixth Floor Museum with Gary Mack and Jeff West. Thompson appears only at the welcoming dinner.

It'll cost a few thousand. Well, you can always go see Groden on the Grassy Knoll for free.


-- Jerry Organ (, November 23, 2001

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