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Found a recycling plant in Watertown, any interest? I also contacted Phyllis at the recycling plant in town, and she suggested she would be willing to start an education program on recycling, if Benchmark Foam-Watertown company- would be willing to come and receive the styrofoam. What do you think?

-- Erik Kraai (, November 23, 2001


wow, i'm impressed that there's a plant in watertown. do they charge to recycle? (probably not, huh?) is there a chance at all that benchmark would actually come down and pick it up, or would we have to find someone who could take all the foam up there?

another wonder i have... if we can get people to recycle styrofoam, where could we put the containers? would we have to have one on every floor, since people usually take the foam to their rooms? do you think people would actually save up and dump it off if they only had one bin per dorm? and would they have to wash out all the extra rice or lettuce bits out of the foam before stowing it away?

i'm really quite uneducated as far as foam recycling goes...

-- laura (, November 24, 2001.

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