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The day after Thanksgiving is about to appear 8 hours and counting. With lines of people standing outside the doors of those stores with the great "Give Aways" to the first so many people that can get through the doors first. I admit, I used to be one of those in line, but I was cured a few years ago when even coffee wouldn't keep me warm and I was two away from the last person to receive the free "give away". I also found out that as I watched the sales, they were pretty much the same a few weeks later, and, if I waited long enough were even better than the day after Thanksgiving. Having three now almost grown children, I started giving a small gift and money. Their stockings were always filled with necessities, so (socks, candy treat, pens and a fun gift, or whatever may have been needed and used daily). Every year I found something different to put in there, so they still were surprised. When they were little this would not have worked for them, but they did say they appreciate it now and that makes me feel good. The days after Christmas were spent making our dollars go further and getting good deals that left us with extra cash left over to await another good sale. I guess I am not helping the stores make their goals here. Oh well, Jenn

-- jenn (, November 22, 2001


I am working at the church with the youth tomorrow and am glad to stay away from those sales. I used to shop them, too. It was fun back before I gave away my worldly lifestyle. Knowing what I know now, I can't believe I ever enjoyed that lifestyle. We spent $20 total and am done with all the Christmas shopping for everyone (children, hubby, extended family). I went to the dollar store for the children and everyone else is getting homemade (the children are, too, of course). I had most everything already, so I only spent about $8 on extra supplies. Well, have a great holiday and don't forget the real meaning of Christ-mas. Warmly, Jennifer

-- Jennifer (, November 23, 2001.

I have never been shopping the day after Thanksgiving. I have anxiety attacks in crowds. Oh, I take that back. I did go shopping on Black Friday once when we were with friends for the holidays. I didn't enjoy it at all. Hubby is going shopping with his mother today. I'd rather go to the dentist!

-- Jo (, November 23, 2001.

I know one place that will be pretty empty today and that is the grocery store. That is where everyone was last Wed. I have a couple of things to pick up. Then we will come home and enjoy the comforts of home without the "Big crowd-stand in line" headaches. Jenn Jenn

-- jenn (, November 23, 2001.

The last place on God's green earth I'd want to be is in a store today! Oy vey! My DD got up at 5:00 this morning to go and snap up those bargains and I don't envy her one bit! I don't like crowds of people that much and today will be frenzied.

-- Ardie/WI (, November 23, 2001.

Hi everybody! I may venture out later, but only because my husband heard there is a good deal on shells at Wal-mart. We need to do some banking business that requires Cale to be present as well as me, and this is the only day he can go. I just dread going today though!!! Kadia is having a birthday get together tomorrow, and I am going to cook a few things for thatthis morning, and Cale is horse-back riding. The kids are all sleeping in, so we are getting a late start here.

-- Melissa (, November 23, 2001.

Ardie, my feelings exactly! I compare shopping on the day after Thanksgiving with having a root canal. The last time I went was when I was 12 and my mother dragged me along. Never again.

Last year my 2 oldest dds went. This year one refused to go, the other was quite put out. She tried to get me to accompany her, no way! Would much rather spend the morning doing something enjoyable, liking cleaning my goat stalls. :)

-- Lenette (, November 23, 2001.

I just heard a report on the radio-its about 9:30 am here, of an elderly lady who fell from her wheel chair and was trampled by crowds trying to get into a Wal-Mart in Louisville this morning-she was taken to the Emergency Room. We have family visiting us today and I would much rather visit with them than go shopping! Its definatly a "Buy nothing Day for Us!

-- Kelly in Ky (, November 23, 2001.

My friend and I actually did venture out this morning. The nearest Walmart was wonderful! The opened the doors at 5 a.m. but kept the "blowout sale" items under wraps until 6:00. Everyone wandered around the store buying other stuff until 6:00 rolled around. There was no frenzy, no rude people, no stampedes! It was very nice. When we were finished there, we drove to the nearest Kmart and it was pretty much empty! I managed to get almost all my shopping done, at great prices and had a wonderful time with my friend.

-- Lisa in WI (, November 23, 2001.

I went Wednesday afternoon to pick up a couple cans of cranberry sauce and there were so many people that we decided we need to get what we needed for christmas while we were there. It did take us 6 hours but everything is done.(I did spend 100.00 but I got 17 gifts and brown paper and computer paper,toliet paper,etc..)so I do feel good.If I need anything else, I'll make it or buy it on line.!

-- Micheale from SE Kansas (, November 23, 2001.

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