Exposure cards. Any pre-made?

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I have been making exposure cards that fit into a small binder (6" x 8") to record each image's properties. To tell you the truth, printing these sheets, cutting them to size, and punching holes in them is very time consuming (the hole puncher I have can only punch through 2 sheets at a time).

Anyway, are there any pre-made sheets in booklets?

Happy Thanksgiving, for those in the USA.

-- Andy Biggs (abiggs@tvmcapital.com), November 22, 2001


Calumet/Zone VI used to sell "exposure records" that you clipped into a handy palmed sized notebook. Don't know if they still do or not. Ansel Adams includd the same form in his books for years so folks could copy them...

-- Sean yates (coalandice@yahoo.com), November 22, 2001.

Filofax used to do one too

-- Tim Atherton (tim@kairosphoto.com), November 22, 2001.

Filofax used well -calumet has the refills on their site $4.00, but not the small 6 ring 31/2x5 binder - search for "field data" comes up with the zone vi refills

tim a

-- Tim Atherton (tim@kairosphoto.com), November 22, 2001.

Ansel Adams published one. A copy of it was up on ebay within the last few days.

-- jeff schraeder (jeff@circlesofclarity.com), November 22, 2001.

Have you considered using a palm top computer? I started using the Handspring version with software called "Photographe." I had suffered with the same problem, notes were recorded on a notebook in the field but this needed to be transferred to sheets that could be coordinated with negative storage. Tried the cassette recorder but still had to transcribe everything. This software on the palm top is great. Easy to transfer data to Excel spreadsheet for printing. Always a permanent record on the hard drive. The software also allows you to simply pick from a pull down for your list of films, lenses, cameras, etc. Previous shots data stays in the fields (optional) so you only need to change the pertinent information such as exposure when bracketing. I would encourage anyone to give this a try.

-- Dave Schneider (dschneider@arjaynet.com), November 23, 2001.

That sounds like a great idea. Where would I find the software? I have tried writing my own Palm app in Filemaker Mobile, but gave up. I guess I am looking for that 'magic bullet', eh?

-- Andy Biggs (abiggs@tvmcapital.com), November 23, 2001.

palmgear.com has several shareware and freeware photography apps that address the issue above. There are others apps that also deal with other issues such as depth of field, zone system etc.

Run a "photography" search and they should come up.

Good Luck.

-- Dominique Labrosse (d_labrosse@hotmail.com), November 23, 2001.

Try this: http://www.palmgear.com/software/showsoftware.cfm? sid=94548520011115210805&prodID=1042

Once you have your palm top you can also download Bob Wheeler's excellent Vade Mecum software. Great tool for calculating tilt, magnification, bellows factor, depth of field, etc. I don't know what I would do without the palm top after having used it for several months. Oh yeah, I do, I'd spend time looking under the car seat for the scrap of paper that said which holders were N-1 development.

-- Dave Schneider (dschneider@arjaynet.com), November 24, 2001.

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