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Happy Thanksgiving! I have a question regarding SAL's Pullman Green used on their freight locomotives. I use either Scalecoat II or Floquil Poly paint to paint my locomotives. But I find that the Scalecoat Pullman Green appears to be too blueish. And the Floquil Pullman Green seems to be on the greyish side. This is compared to locomotives that are factory painted from Proto 2000 and Atlas, and from some color photographs from several sources. Is there a better color choice or paint out there to more accurately approximate the Seaboard's Pullman Green?

-- John V. Pasquariello (gtoad@optonline.net), November 22, 2001



You might try Badger SAL Pullman Green, which is carried by the Society and available at many hobby shops...

-- Larry Denton (saled@3rddoor.com), November 22, 2001.

John, Try GN "Empire Builder" green. It works good for me. Happy TurkeyDay! E. Howard

-- E. Howard (dah@svic.net), November 22, 2001.

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