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In certain cases I really like the look of Kodak Ektalure paper; however, due to the discontinuance of this paper, I am forced to look for an alternative. Does anyone have a suggestion for an alternate printing paper of the same quality? Secondly, do you recommend Kodak filters with Kodak paper, or is the Ilford set suffice?



-- Larry Sandt (, November 22, 2001


Larry a new paper from Bergger called VCB Style is advertised, quote "The NEW Ektalure?" I've not used it so cannot comment as such.

-- Trevor Crone (, November 23, 2001.


I have on occassion tried Kodak Ektalure when I couldn't find Agfa Multicontrast Premium (RC). I am currently exploring Berger Prestige Variable Contrast (NB) fiber based (Glossy). I have finished the first 25 pack and I have enjoyed and love it. It is a bit warm compared to Agfa or Ilford Pearl Multicontrast (Cooltone). The glossiness in this paper isn't as obvious as in other papers. It is relatively cheap too, try it in place of Kodak's Ektalure you might like it.


-- Adrian Ng'asi (, December 17, 2001.

Haven't seen an Ektalure print for a long time but, if memory serves, the Polymax Fine Art C print I recently made looks a lot like one.

-- Sal Santamaura (, December 17, 2001.

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