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Hi, I have a standard CANON FD 35-70; very pleased no problems. I was doubting about buying a 24mm or 28mm CANON FD to compliment this lens. However I've recently seen that there is also a 20-35 FD lens available. Any body got any opinions or advice? I've checked the FD websites. Can anybody give me the market value for the 20-35 lens? Cheers, Stuart, Holland

-- stuart (, November 22, 2001


The 20-35 f/3.5L is a very fine lens. In the final analysis perhaps not quite as good in all respects as some of the fixed lenses in it's range but very versatile - it will not disappoint. It will cost you though - US$500-750 or perhaps more.

Have a look at:

Have a look at this site for reviews:

If you are interested I have a 24 f/2.8 SSC and a 28 f/2 SSC that I don't use much & have been thinking of selling one or the other.



-- Duane K (, November 22, 2001.

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