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I love all of you so much! You are such a blessing. When it is cold, and I am indoors, I know there is someone in this world who is looking at this board. Thank you all so much. Tomorrow we will have a spiritual thanksgiving, scripture reading and prayers before and after our thanksgiving dinner. I was sitting here thinking of people, situations, etc for prayer. What would be your suggestion for prayer?

-- Anonymous, November 21, 2001


Oops the above email address does not work. I can be reached at Thanks

-- Anonymous, November 21, 2001

Greetings my brother in Christ. My suggestion would be: 1) Thank God for another year, for all the good and also the obsticals that we had during the year cause He help us to over come it, 2) Thank God for the opportunity to be alive and for spreading the Word freely. 3) And thank God for the AME church that he brouht this far. 4) Also ask God for guidance in the next year cause without Him there would be no next year. BUT most off all thank God for being born for US ALL 2000 years ago.

God bless You all Jerome

-- Anonymous, November 22, 2001

Although, the actual day we celebrate as thanksgiving has passed, just want to share that our family gathered with friends at my sister's and we, too, had a special service. We began with a favorite hymn, prayers, scriptures, spiritual songs and a Word from The Word. Just a reminder that "everyday is a day of thanksgiving" so let's begin each day and throughout the day giving thanks for all that God has done in our lives. My specific prayer is indeed a prayer of thanksgiving, thanking God for the deliverance of my nephew from the Florida State prison system, and so for the first time in five years, he was with us on Thanksgiving Day. He went to prison as a 17 year old boy and came out a 22 year old man only now he is calling on "Allah" instead of Jesus.

Now we're praying that he be cleansed from the pollution of the mind.

-- Anonymous, November 26, 2001

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