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I know that I should use a good camera stand to hold my Sinar P2 4x5 in the studio, but I already have a Manfrotto 3263 geared head. So, what tripod is extremely stable? Most tripod threads seem to be about/for backpackers with field cameras, where the interest is weight, but my concern is only stability and freedom from vibration.

I like the info on the Linhof 3323, but 1t's VERY expensive.

Any recommendations?

-- Neil Carey (, November 20, 2001


gitzo 1509 but if you can afford it get a foba stand

-- adam (, November 20, 2001.

Neil: Try to find a new or used Majestic or the larger Davis and Sanborns. They aren't too expensive and are reasonable used. You can dance on top of them. Still, if you can find one you can afford, the studio stand is the way to go.


-- Doug Paramore (, November 20, 2001.

second hand gitzo 5, nowadays it's difficult to sell this kind of stuff, you can make a very good deal on it. i've just bought one in mint cond. with geared center colum for only 80 dollars, but this was a very very good deal, it's rock solid !

-- dg (, November 20, 2001.

The Linhof Twin-Shank Pro, is frequently on eBay at reasonable prices as is the monster Linhof unit, which I used under my massive Linhof Kardan Color. The Linhof Twin-Shank Pro is one of the finest tripods I have ever used, and own two at this time. It is more than study enought for 4X5 and even some 8X10 work. I made hundreds of studio illustrations of Rollei and Pentax camera brochure photographs with this system, and the client demanded razor sharp images. For the rigidity to weight ratio, it is my belief that the Linhof Twin-Shank pro cannot be duplicated. Just my two cents worth. Richard Boulware - Denver.

-- Richard Boulware (, November 20, 2001.

Not sure how much you're willing to spend, but have you considered a studio stand. These are about as sturdy as you can get.

They are heavy but roll on wheels. You can lock most of the stands by pressing a foot lever. The stands themselve are highly adjustable and you can also get tray attachments for many, this providing a place for accessories.

Of course if you want a tripod to do double duty, such as, outside the studio, then the studio stand is definitely out of the question.

-- S Ratzlaff (, November 21, 2001.


I also shoot a P2 and use a Manfrotto 3051. It is great and the ability to 'one hand' the legs is helpful. Goes down to 18" when the legs are spread if I recall. Get the Bogen/Manfrotto catalogue (try your local Calumet store) and it gives specs, weight limits and similar data. Also, I am lusting after one of the heavy duty Gitzo carbon fiber tripods. Supposedly, it will carry 26 pounds.

I would be interested in hearing your success with the 3263-does that use a quick release head? I am searching for a better head than my 3047 which at times can be wobbly.


John Bailey

-- John Bailey (, November 21, 2001.

I second the majestic tripods.

They're massive, heavy, and strong as an ox (as are their rather overbuilt gearheads).

-- edward kang (, November 21, 2001.

I use the Bogen 3046 tripod with about fifteen pounds of equipment and it seems rock solid, especially with the bottom leg section left closed. With the bottom section closed, and using a head that's about five inches high, an 8x10 camera is at eye level so that works very well for me (I"m 5' 11"). I also appreciate the ease with which the legs can be opened, closed, and adjusted, not to mention the price.

-- Brian Ellis (, November 21, 2001.

Thanks to everyone for all their fine information. I decided to go with Richard's suggestion, and have ordered a Linhof Twin Shank Pro Tripod. John, I'll let you know how things go with the 3263 head...The P2 plus the head alone weighs about 20 pounds! Barring one of our Southern California earthquakes, I would think this combo would be very vibration-free.

-- Neil Carey (, November 21, 2001.

The tripod you are ordering is very fne, as is the Majestic and big Gitzos. i still recommend you get a camera stand instead and use your head with the stand . The best (i.e smoothest) are the Foba stands but the Calumet/Cambo stands are very close. the joys of not having tripod legs to accidently kick or get in the way is worth the cost.

-- Ellis Vener Photography (, November 21, 2001.

I have a Sinar p and use the Slik Professional 4. A tank which is great where weight is not an issue. Geared column, 4 extensions, leg spread etc. I call it my Japanese Gitzo. Gitzo quality at half the price! This model is much beefier and better quality than other consumer Slik models.

-- Richard Stum (, November 21, 2001.

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