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I know this is a long shot on this site,but maybe worth a try.I'm looking for assisting experience with alternative printers,specifically fine art silver,gravure and platinum printers,either paid or unpaid.I have good qualifications for this kind of position being quite experienced in the darkroom.I have worked for one of Europes' best imaging companies who specialised in art printing from salt to gravure.I come from the UK and live in LA.Are there comercial fine art printers working throughout the US?Does anyone know of an artist succssful enough to have a small staff assisting in print production?I would like to learn these techniques,but having recently arrived here have no darkroom nor the possibility of constructing one in the near future.Hiring darkrooms is expensive and inconvenient in LA as far as I can make out.Maybe you will suggest courses to take,workshops etc.Whatever,I'd appreciate anyones experiences in learning these techniques and working with them.

-- Andrey Belopopsky (, November 20, 2001


Check out the Alternative Process FAQ ( It has a link to the alternative process mailing list, which would be a good place to ask this question.

-- Chris Patti (, November 20, 2001.

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