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Does anyone make a daylight tank for a 5x7 that will hold 10 or 12 negatives? There seem to be lots available in 4x5.

-- Jerry Cunningham (, November 20, 2001


I've gone 5x7 for a year or two, never found such a tank, look tho' I might. Tried dip and dunk with stainless steel racks in open tanks. I had trouble managing more than a few, scratching negs, etc.

Wound up with a Jobo 3005 (five exposures) tank, rotated on an old motorized Unicolor base. This works like a charm, even with pyro. You don't need the whole Jobo machine. Just a funnel with a 30-degree bend in the snout (plastic funnel, reshaped in boiling water.)

Before I found my Unicolor roller on eBay ($20) I rolled the tank to and fro in my bathtub. That was tedious, though.

-- Skip Roessel (, November 28, 2001.

Phil Davis' BTZS makes 5x7 daylight tubes, call the view camera store, you can find their address and phone number in any issue of view camera mag.

-- Vince Pulvirenti (, April 20, 2002.

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