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Surfing around for sites on large format just for the hell of it and came up on a website, http://home.luna.nl/~kozik/ which advertises Kozik cameras which go up to 8x10. Does anybody know anything about these cameras? Craftsmanship? Cost?

-- Jonathan Brewer (lifestories@earthlink.net), November 19, 2001


A year or so ago I emailed one of the supposed contacts for the company and got the message bounced back, so I'm not sure about the state of the company. It's a pretty ineresting camera system, looks to be a half clone of Sinar F and P cameras.

-- Dave Munson (apollo@luxfragilis.com), November 19, 2001.

As far as I know Kozik cameras went out of business a few years ago, it was a Dutch camera ,very promising indeed,offered in a kit or built by Mr. Leo Kozik himself, in Holland, where the company was(?) based, you hear from time to time people in the business speaking of him but unfortunately the telefone number I had has been disconnected. It is possible thought o find second hand cameras but I have never seen a 8"x10" and only know his 4"x5". Good luck

-- andrea milano (milandro@wanadoo.nl), November 20, 2001.

Funky looking stuff. Here is the web site: http://home.luna.nl/~kozik/

-- Donald Brewster (dpbrewster@prodigy.net), November 20, 2001.

Yes but that site was made in 1996! it is a gost site!

-- andrea milano (milandro@wanadoo.nl), November 21, 2001.

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