Update on Coastal CTC Project Progress & Other Info

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Does any one know what the status on the Coastal CTC projcet is? How far are they up to? How much run time will the AMTKS save with this project?

On other issues:

Its getting about time to prepare for CA 13. Metrolink opens up two new Orange Co. Stops at Tustin and Laguna Niguel. Also, after the last printing, Sun Valley Station opened for service. Some track configurations changed at the Ozol Yard in Martinez due to the additon of Main Track #3 and the CTCing of the former Brickyard Block.

Additionally, stops are planned in Palmdale, Montalvo, Riverside-Van Buren and Downtown Corona.

When more information on these four stops comes out, and I would expect that Palmdale will be #1 of those 4 stops to open, I will post anothr Timetable Question for that area.

Pacific Northwest TT #7:

Amtrak Schedules Page, & Seattle Sub Page: Tukwila is missing from the Amtrak Schedules. All Sounder Stations including Tukwila are missing from the BNSF Seattle Sub page.

Is this issue being attended to on the next reprints?

Dallas Area Timetable:

With TRE being extended Richland Hills-FTW will there be a supplement to the DFW Sub issued?

-- Peter Warner (osdm@yahoo.com), November 19, 2001

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