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I've tried to play this game and playback the recording uploaded for it, but i just get corrupted colors. Can anyone playback this game and make it look nice... Do we use a speciall bpp setting or a different crc rom? mame56 verifies the game ok with my current rom.

Note: i can't get mamew to play it at all but dmame can play the game but it appears to have strange colors. I'm not going to give my address to planet FILE server to get the win56 edition and probably a ton of spam, and i can't find m32-56.zip anywhere else... of course it proly works fine with m32 and not the dos or regular mame.

-- Chad (churritz@crash.cts.com), November 17, 2001


I don't think Neo-Geo games with encrypted graphic roms work on DOS MAME. I was trying to run Prehistoric Isle II on it but I was getting garbled colors like that too. I had to use MAME32 to record on it.

games with encrypted C roms: kof99, preisle2, ganryu (and Strikers 1945 Plus, which will likely be supported in the next version. the MAME team will probably wait on Nightmare in the Dark and Sengoku 3)

it's anybody guess as to whether MAME will support the unencrypted versions instead of the encrypted ones in the future (Kawaks has a utility that decrypts the roms)


-- BBH (lordbbh@aol.com), November 18, 2001.

Hmm...to me Prehistoric Isle 2,Musashi Ganryuki and the others Neo- geo games works just fine in DOS MAME and on my compile of MAMEw,and playbacks properly.Probably you must delete the old cfg and the nvram for all the games AND download the new neogeo bios.
Also,the remaining neogeo games not yet emulated in official release are ALL working now,this includes kof2k and mslug3;probably they will be released as Cps-2 games,aka some of them in a month...

-- Kale (angelo.salese@tin.it), November 24, 2001.

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