Turnout wiring for DCC

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Do Shinohara/Walthers turnouts need jumpers from stock rails to closure rails? I see them mentioned in the general diagram at the beginning of the article but not in the section specific for these turnouts.

-- William'Bill'L. Kleinert (reklein@valint.net), November 17, 2001



You win a gold star for paying close attention. Yes, you are correct, jumpers are needed between the stock and closure rails.

Given the heavy dialog these turnouts have enjoyed, it's a surprise that no one caught this before. Maybe people did and just didn't mention it. I have it on some of my drawings, but not others. Something clearly went wrong somewhere along the line and the mistake was never caught. Thanks for catching it.

In any case, as a quick fix to the web page, I checked all the turnouts and added an italicized note just below those turnouts that lack this important feature. Without it, they simply won't work! (I'm too buried to fix the drawings themselves any time soon.)

Sorry for the omission.


-- Allan Gartner (wiringfordcc@augustmail.com), November 17, 2001.

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