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I am in a poition to purchase a second hand Tokina 35-200 atx at a fair price to use with my trusty canon EF.The Tokina is in good condition with no mould or any signs of wear .Has any one had any experience with this lense . Information on Tokina is hard to come by.Any help appreciated. Ian.

-- Ian O'Neill (, November 16, 2001


Hello Ian; I have owned a Tokina 35-200 ATX zoom for twenty years. It is a superb lens, although like most zooms, best used in good light. The ATX was Tokina's professional lens designation. It has SD glass, very good, very sharp. Tokina are known for their rugged lens construction and my use, often in the mountains, has born this out. Highly recommended but check out the condition.Frank, Kamloops, BC

-- Frank Dwyer (, December 27, 2001.

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