NTSC -> PAL VCD production problem

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I have problem in production PAL VCD from NTSC DV Cam source. The final VCD play normally in a VCD player. However, when played on any computer's Windows meida player, there's a line on the bottom of the video keep flicking. Please help!

Regards, Stanley

-- Stanley Shek (achilles@consultant.com), November 16, 2001


It's either 2 of the following things.

1. It's something that was already in the original video footage but it is in the Overscan area of the video and therefore cannot be seen when playing on the VCD player or...

2. The display card in your computer is causing it.

In either cases it's absolutely no cause for alarm.

Have fun.

-- AS (bosss7@telstra.com), November 25, 2001.

you should go to the option, and change the recording format from ntsc to pal. then it will be done.

-- sanjay (sanjayzee@rediffmail.com), November 26, 2001.

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