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I have an old Honeywell Nikor rotary trimmer and would like to find a replacement blade for it. I have tried to contact Honeywell and they have no record of this being one of their products. Suggestions are welcome.

-- Nancy Rumfield (, November 15, 2001



Honeywell's been out of the photo-related business for decades. Many of the items marketed by them were manufactured by other companies. I doubt you will find a replacement blade without a great deal of luck. A better alternative might be to check out the Rotatrim trimmers marketed by Bogen. Go to

-- Ken Burns (, November 16, 2001.

I had a rotatrimer that needed a new blade, the new one appears to be the same design, however, the new replacement blade is a shade thicker and will not fit in the housing. I did a lot of research but was unable to find a blade that would fit and no one wanted to attempt to sharpen a round blade. I had to buy a new trimmer. I know this does give you much postive help, however, i spent months before i had to bit the bullet. Just want to save you time and engery,.

-- Ann C lancy (, November 16, 2001.

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