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What recessed lens board would you recommend for SA 58XL on a Horseman 45LE camera? I shoot architecture, mostly exteriors, some interiors of large commercial spaces. If anyone has direct experience with this camera/lens combo -- or general principle of determining the amount of recess required, I would appreciate any insight. Happy shooting -Paul Chaplo ps: thanks, Ellis ;-)

-- Paul Chaplo (, November 15, 2001


I just wanted to add that I DID read the archives ;-) -Paul

-- Paul Chaplo (, November 15, 2001.

Hi Paul, I'm using exactly the same camera and lens as your SA 58 XL & LE. You can be astonished, but I'm using normal (flat) lens board, and think that there is no need for recessed board. I'm also shooting architecture (mainly big industrial pavilons, aeroports from outside, and interiors). Horseman LE with wideangle bellows and SA 58 XL focuses very easy without recessed lens board, I'm able to use full rise & fall, shift which is possible with SA 58 XL. I'm also using a little bit of tilt (rarely more than 5). I even think that my life will be hard with SA 58 XL on recessed board. Think, how dificult it will be to set the aperture and reach the shutter, (note how big is the front element of SA 58 XL). You will also need a special cable realese adapter. So, try your lens on flat lens board, it's also cheaper.

best regards,


-- Lukasz Zandecki (, November 16, 2001.

Lukasz, Thanks for your response. Exactly what I needed to know. Tell me, do you use the center filter 3b for the 58 SA XL & shoot tranparency film? I can only imagine the access issues with a recessed lens board in conjunction with a c.filter. Sounds like we have parallel lives ;-) bardzo dobre, pan! Paul

-- paul chaplo (, November 16, 2001.

Yes, I'm using the center fliter for each 4x5" shoot (I'm using only slide film), and also for each 6x9 cm shoot with more than about 25 mm of rise/fall or shift. When I'm using center filter on 4x5" I can use about 10 mm of rise/fall or shift. It is immposible to use more because there is a very sharp border of the image circle area. With SA 58 XL and center filter there is almost no gradient fall of light beetwen image circle and the dar area. SA 58 XL on 4x5" is like 16mm lens on 24x36 mm format, for me it is too much for architecture, when you are close to the high building it simply doesn't look good. So I'm using this lens rather for panorama shoots (with 6x12 cm holder).


-- Lukasz Zandecki (, November 19, 2001.

I shoot all 4x5 and agree, wide angle lenses distort exteriors; "normal" f.length lenses look best to my eye. I use a 150 SS XL and 90 SA XL -- even the 90 can be a bit much at the edges. However, I need a very wide lens for interiors of sports complexes, and chose the 58mm XL as I didnt need the extreme perspective of the 47mm. I also shoot trannies and always use c.filters on all my lenses. Thanks for the info. such as the rise/fall. I've been so spoiled with my longer XL's -- so large of an image circle, it seemed endless!!! (I'll have to get back in the habit of checking corners ;- ) Thanks for the interesting exchange -- Happy Shooting, Paul

-- paul chaplo (, November 19, 2001.

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