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Hi i have a tosh sd110e, it wont play cd-r but it will play cd-rw, with audio on. I cant get it to play vcd's. I find this strange as the previous model the sd100e will. Does anyone know how to get this player to play vcd's

Thanks in advance


-- andrew bourne (, November 15, 2001


Try burning to CD-RW and see if it will play that. Sorry, but it's not clear from your message if you have tried this or not. Just a bit of warning - if your player won't play CD-RW, and some won't, there is nothing you can do. You might check the DVD Player Compatibility List at and see if they have any suggestions for your player. There are differences between media for CD-R and CD-RW and they might have some suggestions on which types of media might work in your player. VCDhelp is often down these days due to problems with it getting too much traffic, so you might try to search for the list on the web and see if you can find another site that has it.

-- Jason (, November 15, 2001.

thanks jason, ok ive tried cd-rw with both audio and video on. low res and low bit rate video. the audio works perfectly but the video, the disk spins us, seems to read, and then just say 's plesae check disk. have checked they dont list a sd110e they list the pervious model sd100e, and the sd210e, which they say both play vcd on cd-rw. have also tried they vcd pal sample, burnt at x2 speed no luck. but the vcd's ive burnt work on my parents sd210e

cheers for this interesting one

-- andrew bourne (, November 15, 2001.

My mate just bought one of these and is having similar problems.

Out of 20 cdrs hes got 1 video cd to play.

Although music recorded on the same media plays no problem.

However he does say his player is a SD210ee.

I don't know if this extra e makes a difference ?

-- arnie (, January 29, 2002.

the vcd at tescos for 90 can play anything from dvds vcds mp3s also multi regional i.e american copies so go rip tescos

-- adi knight (, January 29, 2002.

ive got a tosh 100e and cant play some dvd's ant idea's

-- rob kent (, October 08, 2003.

i also have the toshiba sd110e, and it dosent seem to play VCD's at all. My mate has a dvd player from Asda or Tesco ^^^as adi sais^^^. This is the best, its a bit big but it plays all regions, and all fakes/copies.

P.S. the toshiba SD-110E isnt even on the toshiba website? have they dissowned it? lol.

-- Ross WAM (, February 04, 2004.

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