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Why oh why was it ever posted?

-- Groke (groke28@yahoo.com), November 15, 2001


no. comment.

-- annonymous (nobody@nowhere.com), November 15, 2001.

This one.

-- Marcello Carlin (markcarlin@botley12.freeserve.co.uk), November 15, 2001.

The Kate and Paul fight threads. The ethan making fun of Ned thread.

-- anonny (anonny@anon.com), November 15, 2001.

That one where Gareth asked where you could get Suede videos.

-- (anonymous@anonymous.com), November 15, 2001.

kate and paul's fight threads

-- a nonny mouse (anonnymouse@nowhere.com), November 15, 2001.

then I guess I can change my no comment to the kate and paul fight threads since everybody else is doing it.

-- annonymous (nobody@nowhere.com), November 15, 2001.

kate and paul turning another "waaah, waaah lookit me, i'm sooooo miserable" thread by yours truly into something truly nasty.

runner up: pissing off the squares.

-- jess (dubplatestyle@hotmail.com), November 15, 2001.

I think only undeleted threads should be counted.

The thread where Ned suggests a threesome with Dan and Joei.

The second half of the yuppie thread.

Me vs GURLS.

-- Tom (ebros@netcomuk.co.uk), November 15, 2001.

well, THAT kills the fun, doesn't it?

-- annonymous (nobody@nowhere.com), November 15, 2001.

Oh OK then, nominate anything you like.

-- Tom (ebros@netcomuk.co.uk), November 15, 2001.

Geoff's 'I want to fuck Harry Potter' thread. In fact any thread that mentions Harry Potter ANYWHERE.

-- Andrew L (andrew@littlefielda.fsnet.co.uk), November 15, 2001.

Since I was not around to see the Kate and Paul Fite threads I gotta say Imitate Me got nasty after the bit about Kate spanking Paul with a trout.

-- Mr Noodles (infinitecow@yahoo.com), November 15, 2001.

-- Kodanshi (kodanshi@onegai.net), November 15, 2001.

Kodanashi's porn blitz.

-- Sterling Clover (sterling_clover@yahoo.com), November 15, 2001.

how lovely meat is thread - didn't mean to offend Ricky T but there you go.

-- chris (duckyfuzz@hotmail.com), November 15, 2001.

The ethan making fun of Ned thread.

*scratches head* How could this be nominated when I can't even remember it?

-- Ned Raggett (ned@kuci.org), November 15, 2001.

the kate and paul slanging matches were no fun at all.

-- katie (kjgrocott@yahoo.co.uk), November 15, 2001.

Either ANY football related thread or one of those dreadful 'impersonate someone' / 'say what you REALLY think' threads.

-- DG (rgreenfield@btinternet.com), November 15, 2001.

ned i think whoever that was meant my lovely portrait of you which was not making fun in any way.

-- ethan (ethanp@bellsouth.net), November 15, 2001.

Oh that! That was hilarious. I'm surprised you didn't do crazier things with it!

-- Ned Raggett (ned@kuci.org), November 15, 2001.

Those ridiculous anonymous threads where people were just meant to be nasty behind each other's backs, it was like 5th grade.

-- Ally (garance80@yahoo.com), November 15, 2001.

Kate & Paul.

-- stevo (stefanrood@hotmail.com), November 15, 2001.

Whay ally said. Any thread like "who's your least favourite poster". Duff.

-- Norman Phay (k-rad@faycycle.demon.co.uk), November 15, 2001.

Tell us what you REALLY think

-- di (ladydie@another.com), November 15, 2001.

Kodanashi's porn blitz. -- Sterling Clover (sterling_clover@yahoo.com), November 15, 2001.

-- Kodanshi (kodanshi@onegai.net), November 15, 2001.

Tell us what you really think.

-- rainy (resonateswithfreshness@hotmail.com), November 15, 2001.

yeah that one & any other mean shit

-- (doorag@another.com), November 15, 2001.

Barnet 3 - 0 Woking, darn you Pete. And Kate and Paul. And those ones about bluddy comics I've never heard of.

-- Madchen (madchen_in_uniform@yahoo.co.uk), November 16, 2001.

Anthonys art threads which say: "[insert name of person three people haf heard of]" and then "diskus" or "well". I DO NOT UNDERSTAND and never get an explanation!

-- Sarah (starry@amazingness.com), November 16, 2001.

more then three people have heard of these people and you can google. Its like how i feel about football.

-- anthony (anthonyeaston@home.com), November 16, 2001.

Somewhat googling art and reading even more wank about these people makes me grudge it even more than I did in the first place. I can't connect with stuff so abstractly then again I dropped art in 3rd year of high school cos I got bullied in my lessons so what the hell.

-- Sarah (starry@amazingness.com), November 16, 2001.

more then three people have heard of these people and you can google. Its like how i feel about football.

Or Pokemon. Anthony, I love you, will you be my dream date?

-- Ugly Wife (ugly@wife.com), November 16, 2001.

I feel the same about football and art so ignore them both.

-- Samantha (glowgurl79@yahoo.com), November 16, 2001.

The one in which Suzy said "I do so love to look at the inferior anthropological specimens going through their rituals".

And the one in which she slagged off everyone who has the temerity to live in a suburb.

OK, both are exaggerations of what she *actually* said, but both infuriated me like nothing else in this forum's history.

-- Robin Carmody (robin@elidor.freeserve.co.uk), November 16, 2001.

I didn't like those threads much either, but then they WERE on ILM.

-- suzy (theartskooldisko@hotmail.com), November 17, 2001.

OK then: "Faghags: Classic or Dud?" if only because I was repulsed by the title alone.

-- Robin Carmody (robin@elidor.freeserve.co.uk), November 17, 2001.

i was charmed by the faghag thread

-- anthony (anthonyeaston@home.com), November 17, 2001.

When you come to Edmonton w. the lollies ill show you a good time .

-- anthony (anthonyeaston@home.com), November 17, 2001.

Momus's "censorship" exercise in being deliberately childish, which was what got me really posting here in the first place. So, note that if you really don't like me, that's all the most reason to hate that thread.

-- Nitsuh (nta@press.uchicago.edu), November 20, 2001.

"London/NYC ILM/E/FT August meet-ups!" - a 'thread gone terribly awry' as someone said at the time. Nominated also because it seems to encapsulate a schism that developed around July/August time between ILE and ILM.

Runner-up: "ILE in-crowd membership applications" (but not the original in-crowd thread, that was amusing).

-- Jeff (cworrell@ukonline.co.uk), November 21, 2001.

Regarding the meet-ups, I guess I do have to apologize for putting anyone's nose out of shape by proposing the whole thing. I do want to meet everyone eventually, really!

-- Ned Raggett (ned@kuci.org), November 21, 2001.

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