What works for Church growth?

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Hi, everyone I and our ministerial staff have been working on further plans for evangelism and church growth. We are adding a second service.We are excited! We will be embarking on a media campaign and will also be working with our University college of business. The first question that I was asked from the head of marketing at the University was 1.) Do you have a business plan? Hmm I thought, if only Bill Dickens was here now! It is an excellent question for we are going to work on the principals of a business plan. And apply them to our church. ie. What is our vision, who are we wanting to reach. Who is our target audience, etc. One of the things that Bishop Bryant emphasized when I was ordained was that we are called to go to the poor. He said it over and over again. And I thank God that I am in a denomination that does not forget the poor. Two thirds of our town lives below the poverty level and all of Montana is considered rural. Yet the poor people do not feel welcomed in most churches in our town. Our church feels called to be a refuge for those that are poor. so what are your thoughts, what is needed for church growth.

-- Anonymous, November 14, 2001


Let those in charge of this 'bussiness plan', stay on their knees as much as possible. Especially in the early morning. As the other person said; work according to a plan and meet as much as possible and evaluate the progress once a week. Don't forget the young(inc chlidren) in the church, because i believe that a church is as strong as 'her' upcomming members. If the church has is strong in young poeple it wil get stronger it's day. Feed them(young poeple) with the Holy spirit and you will amaze in what the Greater can do for your church. Keep on praying for God's guidance and he will(110% sure) guide you all along the way, cause if you live in Christ He'll live threw you. A praying church is a growing church. Listen to the needs of the young poeple(and other) carefully and you will surprise how God we keep on blessing you. Hope that can use this few words.

God bless you


-- Anonymous, November 15, 2001

Jerome thank you so much for your encouraging words. Especially about the young people! I had not even thought to include them in this process. You just reminded me that it was a young person that brought me to Christ when I was 16. She was a Christian and wanted me to be one. Jerome we are definitely working on a "Spiritual Plan" but as I said in my previous post, there are some things that business plans use that we are looking at. i.e how do we get our message out, etc. God can use anything for Kingdom building. You are so right about prayer for it was prayer that started this church. Thanks Jerome!

-- Anonymous, November 16, 2001

I also wanted to add that I live in a "college town" our university is a land grant institution, which means it is mandated to work with the community. We want to reach the college students. And working with the University helps us to do that. The business college was intrigued that I approached them and was eager to help. So this is another way to get academia thinking about God and churches. When dealing with churches there is also a business component, record keeping, reports etc. I look at McDonalds, Pepsi, Coke, Nike etc. and I think if only we as Christians could get the word out about our lord and Savior Jesus Christ as these companies.

-- Anonymous, November 16, 2001

Our church (the oldest in our city) is in the downtown area, but there are within a 5 mile area, communities and a university. I agree that we need some type of overall marketing and business plan. Of course, the Spiritual plan is modeled within the mission statement of the AME Church. We do need to reach our children and youth. Can you give some guidelines on what resources within the church we can use, i.e. missionaries, teachers, etc.? How can we better utilize them?

Rev. Joyce Wiggs

-- Anonymous, November 16, 2001

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