wall mounted boom for strobe

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hi again

15 years ago i worked as an assistant for a guy that had wall mounted booms for his strobes. he had them mounted on a doorframe ... they were telescopic and kind of folded up to be "snug" against the wall when not in use ... now, 15 years later i am looking for the same wall mounted booms, but can't figure out who made them. i would ask the guy i worked for, but unfortunately he died a few years ago ... i was at the bogen website and couldn't find anything there (a local dealer told me that he had a feeling it was a bogen boom ..) any suggestions as to what this might have been? thanks :) jak

-- john nanian (jak@gis.net), November 13, 2001


I'm pretty sure they are a Manfrotto/Bogen product as well.

-- Ellis Vener Photography (ellis@ellisvener.com), November 13, 2001.

I've had two of these booms since '87, if they're the same ones you're talking about. It's the Bogen 3077, which I would not consider a heavy duty boom, but I have mounted on this boom on a regular basis, a White Lightning 1800 attached to a Chimera 36x48 softbox. I feel comfortable w/this combo with the end section extended no farther than halfway to fully extended. This combo in terms of weight is about the limit for this boom.

When I purchased these booms way back when, I seemed to remember that Bogen had a heavy duty version of the #3077, but I have no idea of the number.

These booms are fairly compact and you can swing them flush against a wall. They have mounting holes, four of which are close enough to each other to drive your screws through them into a stud.

-- Jonathan Brewer (lifestories@earthlink.net), November 13, 2001.

Hi John

There are 2 wall booms on the newest manfrotto brochure i just got them 2 days ago. Th big is from 1,20 to 2,10mm long takes 4,5 kg at 2,10m ( Wallboom MA 098 ) the short is from 78-122cm and holding 5kg ( Wallboom short 098 SH ) and if you wan`t them in black then put a large B behind. For example MA 098 B is the large in black. They are cheap the large one is 240 SFR without Tax thad maens about 180 USD! Peace to all!

-- Armin Seeholzer (armin.seeholzer@smile.ch), November 14, 2001.


At the Bogen website, download the PDF for the brochure on lightstands. They have both the short and long wall booms listed in there.

-- Ken Burns (kenburns@twave.net), November 14, 2001.

I went to the B&H homepage and they have pictures of the Bogen wallbooms. My wall booms are labeled #3077, however my booms look exactly like the picture of the Bogen 'short boom' #3386 pictured in the lightstands & booms section. These booms are essentially the same.

-- Jonathan Brewer (lifestories@earthlink.net), November 14, 2001.

WOW! thanks everyone for your help, i REALLY appreciate it :) it's funny, i searched the bogen / manfrotto and the B&H sites, and used key words "wall boom" last night and nothing came up. now, after reading your helpful posts, i re-visited the above websites, and now these wall booms appear to be there using the same key words as before ... very weird, maybe mercury is in retrograde or something?! thanks again! - john

-- john nanain (jak@gis.net), November 14, 2001.

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