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I was unable to locate the Stono SC depot/freight platform on my last trip along the ex-SAL Charleston-Savannah territory. It had been in use as a produce shipping complex when I last saw it in the late '90's. Has it been torn down or moved? Thanks for all info.

-- Bob Venditti (, November 13, 2001


Dear Bob, The Stono Depot where my father worked for awhile in 30s was a "stadard" SAL depot with warehouse extension to the south end. Just get a pic of Dale, Meggetts or Lobeco and hang a STONO, SC nameboard on it. You'll be very, very close to the old station. 73, Don C

-- Clarence Donnelly Copeland (, May 08, 2003.

Stono, SC on the SAL EC line was a major produce shipping point. The Stono depot was rather small and has been gone for at least 25 years (unsure if moved or razed). All that remained at the location were several SAL std produce sheds. The number of sheds has been decreasing through the years as time/elements/development take their toll. There is a SAL section house located adjacent to the road/former rail crossing. It's been a year or two since my last visit so I really don't know the current status of any remaining structures. I have a newspaper clipping with a photograph of the Stono depot if you're interested - just contact me offline with mailing info and I'll shoot you a copy.

-- Buddy Hill (, November 14, 2001.

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