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The Windhoek District JOINT Board of Christian Education Congress and Women's Missionary Society Area Convention is scheduled for this coming weekend (16-18 November 2001) at the St. Gustav AME Church. Several discussion papers are organised around the central theme, "Building the Windhoek District to higher heights". The higlight will be the Musical Extravaganza, whereby 7 church choirs will compete for the G B Partenbach Award (overall Winner) and the B G Karuaera Award (Best Choir Conductor). The competition hymn is "Blessed Father, Hear Thy Children" by Arthur Berrige.

Please keep the Windhoek District in your prayers.

The Windhoek District is one of 5 Presiding Elder Districts in the Namibia Annual Conference in the 15th Episcopal District under the able and visionary leadership of Bishop Gregory G M Ingram.

God bless

-- Anonymous, November 13, 2001


Rev. Hanse, What is the orgin of the word "Windhoek"?


Pastor Paris

-- Anonymous, November 13, 2001

Nama called Windhoek Aigams (''Hot water'' because of hot springs of Windhoek) and Herero used name Otjimuise (''Place of smoke'') but it was Nama's chief Jonker Afrikaner who gave the town its present name - '' windy corner''. There are two versions for the origin of the name: windy place (only 28% calm days a year) and name of farm Winterhoek in the Cape where Afrikaner's family originally was from.

A direct translation of the name would be Wind = wind Hoek = Corner

-- Anonymous, November 19, 2001

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