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On new board --

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-- Jackson Brown (, November 12, 2001


The new forum has a legally FATAL flaw: Advertising. This constitutes commercial exploitation, and thus (I believe, as I am not an attorney) may negate and void any "Fair Use" privileges that exist at this commercial-free forum. I, for one, will NOT republish ANY copyrighted material in the new forum. Hyperlinks may be furnished, but these often quickly expire. That has been the entire concept of this forum, to preserve otherwise expired material in an archive. I'm uncertain whether the new forum can legally perform this function. Those who republish copyrighted material proceed at their own legal peril.

-- Robert Riggs (, November 12, 2001.

Robert, what are you talking about?? There is NO advertising at the new GICC..none!

MANY EZBoard forums, like TimeBomb2000 -- WITH advertising -- post 1000s of articles, in full.


-- Jackson Brown (, November 13, 2001.

EZ board has hundreds of forums and they ALL post news articles.

What are you talking about??

I have been reading a few dozen of them for years and there has NEVER been a single problem with posting full articles.

IF EZ board was concerned, they are the publishers of record, they would have said something in the registration process and terms of use.

NOT A WORD - anywhere! Fair use FULLY applies!


-- Seth (, November 13, 2001.

Repeating this here - just so my input goes with the rest.


I have read EZ board forums for a good while as well.

Using their search function I have proably been in a hundred message board "communities" -- or more. I see full news article posted on all that I have read and that is a good many.

They have 800,000 message boards!!!!

They have 6 million registered members!!!

There is NOT a single word about posting copyrighted material anywhere.

I just re-read their terms of service to be sure, and there is not a word about news articles (etc) and posting.

-- (, November 13, 2001.

I've got to go with Mr. Riggs on this one. The only reason I've posted copyrighted material on this forum is that it sits on a service run by an educational institution. While I appreciate that much of the online print news gets lost because the links don't last and that this forum thus preserves the material, I also believe that it is highly illegal to post copyrighted material to non-educational forums, no matter how much it is done.

I say this as a writer, one who is well aware of the online "theft of material" battles that are presently being waged.

Thanks for having the courage to speak up, Robert.

-- Rachel Gibson (, November 13, 2001.

I understand your concerns. However, Martin has moved to EZ Board for good reasons. Lusenet provides the fastest forms on the face of this earth because of its light code, which includes a lack of Adm control over its users.

Martin has also set up a NO ad board if I understand correctly. And he has complete control over user privilages. Thus, the move from Greenspan, which BTW is not run as a function of MIT, but is owned lock stock and barrel by Phillip himself.

Now if only Martin will change the colors to a more readable format.

I will miss both of you. Hope you change your minds on this one.

-- Tommy R... (, November 13, 2001.

Another reason for the move is that there is no support for the greenspun boards anymore. If there is a problem there is no webmaster (Alan Dickson) to do a fix. In Greenspuns own words the boards are dying. A Password can also be used on the EZ board if needed.

I am trying out different colors on the new board and I am sure there will be a lot of controversy on that.

-- Martin Thompson (, November 13, 2001.

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