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There are many laws, ordinances, contacts, processes, and procedures that affect our neighborhood and our neighbors but it's often hard to find out about them. The web might be a good place to document them. If they are already documented on the web, we can link to them. For example:

Zoning processes

Building permits

Tree ordinance and appeals

Traffic problems

Security Patrol

City bureaus, acronyms, services, workshops, meeting schedules

School districts and processes

Property taxes and appeals

-- Terry Kearns (, November 12, 2001


Sidewalk repaving

Work at home rules

Neighborhood clubs and organizations (scouts, sports, garden clubs, etc.)

Garbage and recycling pick-up schedule

Yard waste pick-up schedule

Other pick ups (water heaters, debris from cleaing out the garage, etc.

Leaking water meters

-- Terry Kearns (, November 19, 2001.

Great ref material for members/residents. Would seem that the key is to cleverly word & position the icons to prompt users to inquire. e.g. instead of a plain listing like "Tree Ordinances" label with "Before You Cut" or "Removing a Tree?" with a picture of a tree.

Also, as a start-up move we could send out broadcast, informational e- mails simply informing people of examples of the content on the site with direct links into the MLPA site. Perhaps do a series of these - one a month for the first 6 months, featuring differing parts of the site. Sort of a tease to spark interest, etc.

-- Norman McKay (, November 27, 2001.

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