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The price of unawareness - Sean Kilemade - 12 November 2001

John inherited £10 million from an unknown relative in the U.S. However his existence is unknown to the executors of the deceasedís estate and the money has remained undistributed for thirty years. All that time John has been a millionaire unawares. Unfortunately during that time he has lived a life of hardship. He knows of his relatives in the US and sometimes he looks at old photographs of them with his grandfather. He often thinks of writing to these distant cousins. But why bother going to the trouble with folks he has never even met. Itís just not worth the effort. Although he is financially wealthy John through his ignorance lives like a pauper and forgoes the monetary benefits. I wonder what kind of benefits do I forgo when I fail to realise that I am God.

-- Anonymous, November 12, 2001


Sean, I admire your courage and I have to say I have been ruminating over your radical comment since you posted it. It returns to me now as I consider the Gospel reading for this weekend... a man on a cross who couldn't save himself. Naked, broken, laughed at, betrayed, brutalized, disgraced, having the truth of his divinity thrown at him as a means of flogging him even more. A bad time all around... did he realise that he was God at that moment in his life? I ask this question less to you and more to myself as I contemplate the scene and continue to ruminate over your words. Thank you for helping me with my Sunday sermon. Ray.

-- Anonymous, November 22, 2001

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